Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to publish your own magazine app

... with Google Currents producer.

Caleb Hailey on Google+ shows the way:

See also:

from ClarkLab.

Here is my poetry blog published as a "current":

Note: If you have a Blogger blog and want to publish it as a Google current, it must first be "verified" that you are the owner. See:

    Verifying a Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

For Flipboard, as for Currents, you could add a blog to your Google Reader (which is available to both Flipboard and Currents) and subscribe to there. With Currents, you can do more on the publishing side (via producer) than the RSS feed. Plus it runs on Android too.

2012/01/15: Tips to produce your blog to Google Currents (video)

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