Monday, November 28, 2011

How to copy ePub ebook to iPod touch or iPhone

To copy (DRM-free) ePub ebook on computer (B) to iPod touch or iPhone (A):

• Open iTunes (B).
• Download iBooks app ( (B).
• Connect (A) to (B) with USB cord.
• Click on the iBooks app in iTunes (B). (You may be asked to "authorize" this app on your computer.)
• Copy your ebook (B) to iTunes Books folder (B). (Or add ebook to iTunes Library. It should then appear in a new iBooks Books folder if that folder didn't exist before.)
• Sync (A) and (B):
ebook should now be in iBooks app bookshelf (A).

Once this is done the first time, all that's needed is to copy the ebook to the computer's iTunes Books folder and sync device and computer.

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